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Pappal Suneja & Associates

Architecture, Interiors, Research, Ideation & Planning


We believe that there are no Boundaries; there is no limitation to our imaginations and inventions. Thus, we wish to put forward our ideas and viewpoints towards Rejuvenation of the Traditional concepts to which the world is the First Signatory.

Pappal Suneja & Associates: Architecture, Interiors, Research, Ideation & Planning firm is Registered with Council of Architecture, New Delhi (CA/2016/76899) and with Udyog Aadhar MSME, Govt of India (UAM No. PB12D0030641)

We are a young firm who has in the past dealt with EVM & VVPAT Storage for Chief Electoral Office - Govt of India,  Remodelling Proposal for Garli Village - Himachal Pradesh, India's Next Competition Series, freelance Residential structures in North India and a few International Ideation based competitions. 


Pappal Suneja, Principal Architect & Founder

Beena M. Vashisht, Structural Engineer


The basic ideology behind this proposal is that Elderly Citizens are a resource to a society, thus we must cater to their needs and aspirations when they need us the most. The design attributes must be inclusive and make them feel comfortable away from their homes. There is a famous saying that one goes back to their childhood once they turn 70+, thus, it is imperative that they are taken care of and made feel lively by creating opportunities so that they can comfortably utilize the time available to them. The site chosen by the designers is in Gobindpura; Phagwara, Punjab. It is 1.4 km from Phagwara railway station and bus stand. 


New Delhi grew into a modern capital city after India’s independence, with irresistible economic, social and political pull, with all kinds of work opportunities. It became a center of attraction for migrants from its surrounding hinder lands and beyond. These migrants who settled on vacant plots were people who could not afford the infrastructure of the city like housing, water, electricity, transportation etc. Hence the residents of such an area had to develop their own housing facilities on a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary basis which allowed them to be close to their economic source. As a result, this group’s first perception was to find a bare minimum land area for their existence.

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