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Pappal Suneja

Founder & Curator: AJC+

PhD Scholar, Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

In the great field of Architecture, Writer & Architect Pappal Suneja personally believes that there are no Boundaries and limitations to our imagination and aspirations. Following the same, he has been an active contributor to Architectural Journalism  with more than 150 publications and five books related to Architecture & Design to his credit till date and several accolades in Ideation based Design Competitions, Curations and paper presentations.

He can be reached at

AJC+ Archetypal Program 2021

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Bharani Sri Gujuluva 

Rutuja Sahane

Neelima Pahuja

Editorial Intern

Graphic Design & Editorial Intern

Editorial & Design Strategies Intern

Rutuja is an architecture aspirant and studies architecture with art and psychology in keen interest.

She’s a magician of sorts, turning her thoughts of wonderment into pieces of originality. She marches to her own beat and vividly transfers it to her own rhythm. 

Neelima is a freelance architect based near Punjab and Delhi. 

She is the  co-author of an anthology 'Flair of Words'.

As a writer, She wants to work as an architectural activist because of her strong belief that words can create a huge difference. 

Bharani is currently based in Dubai. She is studying architecture from VIT, Vellore and is in fourth grade of the course.


She aims to learn everything that the architectural journalism field has to offer all the while spreading awareness about it. 

AJC Publication Cell - Research Assistants

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Pallavi Anil Thorve

Vidya Ramesh

Radhika Singh

Vidya is an architect by profession and a writer by passion  from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu.


She is currently pursuing her Masters in 'Sustainable Architecture' from Manipal University, Karnataka.

Pallavi is a freelance architect based in a suburb called Karjat near Mumbai.


Her thirst for knowledge has led her to be a writer and poet. She believes that to have a successful outcome, the first thing you need to do is fall in love with your work passionately.

Radhika is currently pursuing bachelors in architecture from DIT University, Dehradun.


She is a keen learner and wants to add value to architecture through her words.

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