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Architecture & Engineering Excursion – Rome, Italy curated by AJC+ & Delopus

We are organising a 3 week excursion to Rome, for architecture, civil engineering, and design students, professionals, and enthusiasts; curated by AJC+ & Delopus, in cooperation with the University of Rome, TorVergata, Italy.


27th Oct to 16th Nov 2022.

Participant outcomes:

  • Workshop series about BIM, Structural Design, Project Management, Architectural & Cultural Heritage, Design thinking, Industrial design, Curatorial Practice, Information Design, etc.

  • Course completion certificates from the partnering University.

  • Cultural and heritage exploration of Rome, Italy, visit prominent tourist destinations

  • Picnics, trekking, and walking tours exploring the autumn landscape

  • Leisure activities, campfires, group activities, parties.

Lecture Topics and didactic activity:

  • Building Information Modeling

  • Curatorial Practice & Information Design

  • Lateral Thinking in Architectural Design

  • Architectural Heritage

  • Industrial ‘or’ Product Design

  • UI/UX Design ‘or’ Interaction Design

  • Structural design inside the Architectural design process

  • Basics of Structural Design

  • Architectural composition matching the structural static

Places of Visit:

  • St. Peter's Square & Basilica

  • Colosseum, Rome

  • Vatican Museum, the Vatican Gardens,

  • Sistine Chapel

  • Piazza Venezia

  • Trevi Fountain, a late Baroque masterpiece

  • Piazza Della Republic

  • Ostia Antica – archaeological area of the city of Rome near the sea

  • Rome Walls Museum, located in one of the old roman masonry gate of the original city.

  • MAXXI - National Museum of 21st Century Art, designed by Zaha Hadid.

What all is Covered?

  • Airfare to Rome & vice versa

  • Visa Fee, Travel Insurance

  • Airport Transfer

  • Accommodation for 3 weeks

  • Breakfast + extra basic supplements

  • Excursions (within Rome inclusive of transportation)

  • Night-out party

  • Workshops, Master Talks

  • Museums & Institute Fee, etc

How to Apply?

A total intake of 25 participants would be considered for the excursion, candidates would be shortlisted via an Interview. Interview invites would be on a first come first serve basis. Apply for the program as follows:

  1. Fill in the form

  2. Schedule an Interview slot with the team

  3. Make an advance token payment as a confirmation of Interest. If the candidate is not selected or faces any issues such as visas, travel documents not approved, or any incase of any other genuine reason, the advance payment would be refunded in full.

Further Details & Queries:

For Further Details and queries,

Download the Brochure and Itinerary here!


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