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Results Announced: Architectural Haiku Writing Contest, 3rd Cycle: Health & Architecture

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Architectural Haiku Writing Contest, 3rd Cycle floated by Architectural Journalism & Criticism Organisation announces the Winning Entries.

Theme described for the Competition was –

‘Health & Architecture’

Since time immemorial, we have built civilizations on the use of water for cleanliness and hygiene. Be it be Roman Baths, Japanese Garden water bodies, Hammam or washing away Sins in holy rivers. Keeping the body and environment clean is a part of Rituals and Built Environment. But, we have misused it for a long time, Isn’t it? Take a pause to look back and then again look forward to exploring further!


Sick Building Syndrome. Is the building sick? No! It makes the people living in it sick. Health and architecture are correlated beyond one's thinking. At the unit level, thermal comfort in a building helps a human to maintain his physical and mental well-being. Also, now in this pandemic, 75% of the time people are living in their homes. If the spaces are not planned well – it shall create mental sickness in many people.

The 'Special Mention Award _I' goes to Ar. Akancsha Sood, Chandigarh, India


Image © Akancsha Sood

It reflects our soul,

catharsis in the darkness,

but it was once pure.

The 'Special Mention Award _II' goes to Ar. Fatema Kabir, Pune, India


Image © Fatema Kabir

It is a shadow

Of mental apocalypse

Within spatial sense.

Note: We found no entry suitable for the ‘Citation Award’ in this cycle.

The Essay Writing, 3rd Cycle (themed 'Travel & Photography) is launched. For more updates, visit the Instagram handle of the Organisation.

Poster Design © Rutuja P Sahane.

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