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The program’s theme called for an in-depth understanding of the term "Habitat" aiming towards the resurgence of its indigenous origins. The design brief of the course included three tasks: designing a material relief, writing an object biography, and designing a takeaway on their learnings from the studio.


Participants were instructed to make a relief out of materials in and around their places of residence and write a biography of an object that spoke of the place each participant was currently located at. The goal of these tasks was to explore novel ways of raising their awareness of their own Habitat in a wider sense.

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Theme :- 'Improvisation 2021'

'Poetry' is a very subjective interpretation of one's thoughts and ideas. As we know that the current situation calls for a complete shift in our lifestyle and thinking. Let us give wings to our imaginations and consider 'Poems' as a tool to map our incoming thoughts and musings. Open your mind and capture the essence of change that we are envisioning with each passing day. The loss of connections between diverse forms of public-life needs to be rethought. The need of the hour calls for a reconceptualization and unfolding of the changed public activities and ambiance associated with it.


Poetry & Architecture


This book covers the best entries of the myriad themes floated namely An Architect’s Life, A Building worth Applauding, Urban Issues, Hybrid Thinking, Contextual Architecture, Bamboo Magic, Building Blocks, Heritage Conservation, Haiku Writing, etc.



Myriad Disciplines of 

Architectural Writing

This book covers best publications of the architect related to diverse disciplines of Architectural Writings inclusive of Creative writing, Book reviews, newspaper columns, technical papers, interviews, competition entry synopsis, web portal articles and remembering veteran architects.

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By far, 25+ workshops on varied themes ranging from Creative Writing, Critical Appreciation of a Structure, Review Paper & Technical Writing for Beginners, Bauhaus Pedagogy, Thesis & Dissertation Writing etc. have been conducted by the architect and curator in diverse architecture colleges across the globe.

If you want a workshop to be conducted in your Architecture or Design College, you can contact the curator at pappal.suneja@ajc-india.com


We can customize the program based on requirement, no. of students taking part and other considerations. For Workshop Brochure, Check this Link


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