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An Art in ‘Search of Eternity’ by Artist Raghu Neware

Nagpur Born Artist Raghu Neware’s closeness with the character, living, conversing, listening is that the compasses of his reverences, he offers to nature, are expressed on the Canvases in his ongoing series of paintings. According to J. Viren, “Living within the deep vicinity of jungles, where he's employed, exploring the realms of enormity of Nature, canopying the treasure of existences harmonious and its supreme woven threads of Life, had been the core influence seen in his compositions.”

The conspicuous elements of nature, he experiences ceaselessly had led his journey of explorations for his own search, surges in discovering the poetic verse of his creativity, which he forays through.

His “strokes of brushes”, derived from the sounds of subtle, conspicuous conversation entrenched within the winds, swaying his feelings, he tries to decode within the silence of humid fragrances of green meadows. His colors immersed within the divine abstractions of ephemeral solitudes, resonates the jingles of every creature, who rejoices to the tunes of his own songs of existence in Nature.

These compositions of abstractions of nature are “templates of creations” of his every bit of works of paintings. They reverberate in unison with the bliss, he enjoys and express in “tinges of essences” of compassionate balance of nature, eternal in its presence & inevitable in Change, esoteric but existing.

One witness these “elations of elements”, he transcends in his unique kind of applications through his abstractions, devouring the codes of nature’s eternity, embedded layers of conspicuous “silences”, dabbling along the material intertwined & immersed within the tunes of Natures song. He sings and paints his “poetic compositions & experiences” during the course of journey and take a look at to demystify these “subtle talks” in nature, which had its enriched message of peace and divinity in its own way of expression.

On a concluding note, Neware’s philosophy traverses “Going on exploring, ceaselessly, void of getting stereotyped for ‘hitched to owe an own form or style’ endlessly, enjoying your own course, wiping out unwanted and located one, enroutes your Journey of art.”

Head Image: In the moist of Black, Acrylic on Canvas (21 x 29 inches) by Raghu Neware

> Via Inputs from J. Viren.

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